Site Stacker Support

We want to help you succeed with Site Stacker! Here's how we do it.


How does Support Work?
For help and support with Site Stacker, just open the "Chat Bubble" at the bottom of this site.

What happens when I use the Chat Bubble?
The WMTEK monitors conversations during regular business hours. If you have a need outside of business hours, you can still use the Chat bubble and we'll pick up the conversation on the next business day.

What happened to Intervals?
As part of our strategic plan for improving support, WMTEK is no longer using Intervals.

What if my issue needs to be a Support Ticket?
Good news! You no longer have to manage your own tickets. If the conversation you start in the Chat Bubble needs to be a ticket, our WMTEK team will take care of that for you, and all updates will come directly to your email.  If you want to check in on the progress of the ticket,  just search for the last email you received about the ticket and reply to it. 

When is Support free and when do I have to pay for it?
Support is free when the issue you are experiencing is a bug in the Site Stacker product, or in some cases, in the website template WMTEK coded for you.  Unlimited access to the WMTEK support Chat Bubble and the website are also free resources to you.

WMTEK bills for support when:
  • The issue is caused by misconfigurations  or faulty usage of the product. In these cases we will point out the cause of the mistake and direct you to training resources to help you resolve the issue. If you want our team to resolve the issue for you, we would charge for that.
  • You want personalized help or training instead of using the free training resources provided at  Our first attempt to resolve any questions you might have will be to point you to the resources that will help you (that is free). If you desire one-on-one help, that is per-request and is not free.
  • An issue with your template is due to the changing technology in web browsers.
  • An issue with your template is due to the use of outdated or unsupported browsers.
  • The issue is in custom features WMTEK developed for you that are not part of the core Site Stacker application.  Clients must maintain the ongoing support of their own custom features at their cost.  However, any features developed by WMTEK that are released as part of the core product will be fully supported by WMTEK for free.
  • SSL Renewals

How do I make a feature request?
WMTEK loves it when our clients help us know how to make Site Stacker better. You can send your feature requests through the Chat Bubble. When we receive them we will pass the idea to our product team for consideration for a future release.  

We can't make promises that your feature requests will always be acted on, but as you know, our desire is to make the Site Stacker product wonderful to use! In some circumstances, if certain features are fitting for our product, but not high on our list for development, we offer clients the ability to pay for some or all of the feature development in order to get it into a release sooner. If you have ideas or questions about this, talk to your Client Success Team.

How do I request an Estimate for new work to be done by WMTEK?
You can initiate a request for estimates from the Chat Bubble. Many times estimates require a fair amount of work by our WMTEK team to produce. To estimate correctly, there is a need for project management and engagement of our best software engineers. For this reason, WMTEK must charge for the time required to produce new estimates. We do this at a reduced rate of $50/hour with a minimum charge of 1/2 hour ($25).

In light of our estimate process, here are some recommendations:

  • Don't ask for estimates on small (less than 10 hour) work, just commission it with an advisement about any budget constraints.
  • Be as detailed as possible about what you want, and try to lump several needs into the same estimate. 
  • If you aren't ready to do the work, instead of asking for an estimate, ask for a "ROM Estimate". ROM stands for Rough Order of Magnitude, and we can produce these estimates very quickly for budget and planning purposes. We will not charge for ROM's, but we cannot promise they will be 100% accurate.

Motion 2 and Other Complex Configurations
Site Stacker is a very powerful tool with thousands of configurable options. Many of the more advanced features were designed for the use of professional implementers with hundreds or even thousands of hours of product training and experience.  In some cases, Site Stacker clients use these same advanced tools, such as Motion 2 and data import tools, in order to implement their projects at less cost. While WMTEK will support each client in these use cases, our free support is limited to providing our clients with helps and training resources they can use to build and troubleshoot their own work.  In the event a client needs help with consultation, configuration troubleshooting, etc, WMTEK will need to charge hourly.

If you foresee yourself needing considerable ongoing support for configurations and automated workflows, talk to your Client Success team about a monthly retainer plan you can easily budget for and that will give you a set amount of hours to receive help from the team each month.