Manage user logins and reset passwords

  1. Click “Users”.

  2. Search for the user by name or email address from the search bar above the user grid.

  3. When you find the user, double click their name to open the edit user screen.

  4. To reset their password, type in a new password, press save and close.  It would be a good practice to now email the user informing of their new “temporary” password and encouraging them to login and change it to a new more secure password.  It is easy to email them from the user grid by clicking the “i” by their name and them clicking “Send Message”.

  5. In addition to resetting the password, you can also take the following actions from the add/edit user screen:

    1. Check or uncheck “active”. When unchecked this user will no longer be able to login.

    2. Check or uncheck “verified”. If you create a new user, and check verified, this will bypass the standard email they would receive asking them to verify their email account.