Spark Overview

What is Spark? 

Spark is primarily used as our Child Sponsorship automation tool. It is targeted to various actions being taken on the site, the category within the site, online or offline actions, etc. When these actions happen on the site you can trigger messages to be sent, change record types, assign tasks, and more! You can create and innovate endless ways to customize events relating to what your agency does. Something cool that we created from this tool was an automated email drip campaign from the Checkout page. The possibilities are never ending and we are always improving on this tool! Let's take a deeper look into what each part of Spark is and how to configure them properly.

Spark List
Actions (Folders)

When you first log into your SiteStacker Installation and click on the Spark icon, a window pops up with the various Actions, which are displayed as folders, where each event lives. You cannot add or delete these folders, as they are necessary to your website. When you open a folder, you can see various events that live in them (if any).


Events are represented by lightning bolts, and their labels are dependent on what actions must be taken before it is triggered. Let's look at the example of Site is Default, in campaign category Child and is online. When we double-click on this event you can see the configurations that make up the Spark event.

Adding a New Event

Here are the different parts that make up a Spark Event:

  • Site: This is where you choose a Site is you have multiple Sites
  • Campaign Category: Choose what the event will be realted to (Project, Missionary, Child, etc.)
  • Content Folder: (Must have selected Site & Campaign Category) This is where the content lives for the Category chosen
  • Type: Online or Offline
  • Is Anonymous: Yes / No
  • If First Time Donation: Yes / No
  • Is Recurring: Yes / No
  • Is First Time Recurring: Yes / No
  • Is Last Recurring: Yes / No
  • Amount (Greater / Less Than): Determine the amount needed to be donated before triggering. This can be an amount between Greater and Less than
  • Has Affiliated Person: Yes / No
  • Source Code: If you have a specific Source Code, you can insert that here
Adding a New Outcome

When adding a new outcome to an event, depending on the Outcome chosen, you could have different Data Input and Setting fields to fill out. Each outcome also has different icons to differentiate one outcome from another and makes it easier to locate one. Here are all of the different outcomes that you can choose from:

Spark Outcomes
Editing Existing Configurations

To edit an existing configuration, simply double-click on the Spark Event you would like to edit and modify as necessary. Be sure to check that everything is set properly before clicking the 'Save & Close' button!

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