Publishing an Article to a Page in a Summary View

  1. Login to your SiteStacker Dashboard and click the ‘Site Planner’ icon.

  2. Navigate to the Content Explorer (left-hand side) of the Site Planner window.

  3. Choose the article you would like to publish to a page (Make sure you have a page setup for it and a wrapper to put it into!)

  4. Drag the article over to the desired page and place it inside of the wrapper you would like to it to have displayed on the page.

  5. Choose the View and add any view classes you would like to make sure your content looks awesome!

  6. Click Save & Close to save your changes.

Note: Not sure how it looks? Right-click the page your article is on and click ‘Preview’. There you can see exactly what your page looks like and you can make any changes by going back into Site Planner and play with some awesome styles we have populated in SiteStacker!

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