I want to manage child sponsors.

  1. From the Dashboard click “Sponsors” and  you will see a list of various sponsorship segmentations.

  2. All Sponsors is everyone that is now sponsoring or has ever sponsored a child.

  3. Previous Sponsors are donors who previously sponsored a child but do not currently have an active sponsorship gift.

  4. Delinquent Sponsors are sponsors who’s recurring payment has been failing, or who have forgotten to send their check (required manually adding the “Delinquent Sponsor” record type to their record in the case of the check.

  5. Cancelled Sponsorships are sponsors who used an online recurring payment to fund their sponsorship and chose to cancel their gift.

  6. Sponsorship Giving shows you a live analysis of all gifts received via the sponsorship program.

  7. All management steps from the “Managing Available Children” tutorial apply here as well.

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