How to Create Pages in Site Planner

A video demonstrating how to create a page in Site Planner

The main way to add more web pages to your website is to create a new page in Site Planner.  

Creating a New Page:

  1. Login to your SiteStacker Admin Portal and click the ‘Site Planner’ icon.Site planner’s icon on the admin portal

  2. Navigate to the Site Plan side (the right-hand side) of the Site Planner window.

  3. Click the arrow next to your website and then the arrow next to the desired Site Channel you would like to modify (should be the same name as your website). Right-click the folder that you want your new page located.  Select the ‘Add Page’ button on the right-click menu.A user clicking the arrow to reveal site subfolders

  4. The box that appears will ask for your web page’s name, title, and alias.  Your web page has been created!  At any point you can right-click your page and preview what it looks like.  

    Note: Make sure you enter the required information before clicking Save & Close!
  5. A new page will appear blank or have very few items on it.  From here you will need to add static content and dynamic content to your new web page to fit your needs.  You can also check out our documentation on structuring your site with wrappers and configuring your site with modules to add even more functionality.

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