Donor Dashboard

The donor dashboard is the page where a donor can see all Historic Gifts, Recurring Schedules, and managing Payment Methods. Each section in this dashboard is powered by their respective modules. Each module can be configured by an admin on what can be set and what data can be shown. The three small boxes on top is what we call the Historic Giving Metrics module. Each module can be set on the time range of data that shows, which also gets the data from the Historic Giving module.

The Donor Dashboard is only available if the user has already setup their Site Stacker account. This means that they have already set a password to their account in Site Stacker by either registering, or adding a PW to an email that is already in the system.

A donor can then login and access the 'My Giving' sub menu. Clicking this will redirect them to a similar page as the attached screen shot.

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