Difference between Summary and Body text

A video demonstrating where summary text and where body text are displayed

When you’re adding or editing content in Site Planner like articles or missionaries, many items will give you a space to add “summary text” and “body text”.  

An example of summary text and body text


Summary Text: The text you write in the summary text field will appear on summary view pages.  This is most often seen with  dynamic content, like articles, missionaries, child sponsorships, and more.  Static content such as text blocks and hero images (see wrappers) can have summary text as well.

Summary text displayed on a summary view page

Body Text: The text you write in the body field is the text that will appear on the item’s detail view page.  Like the summary text, the body text is often associated with dynamic content, but it has other applications too.  The body text field can be useful, for example, when adding static items to your website, such as text blocks.

Title and body text displayed on a detail view page

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