Contributions Overview

The Contributions component is the hub of your transaction related data. You can find individual transaction information, recurring transactions, failed and successful messages, etc. When opening the Contributions component, you will be shown the Transaction view by default. 

You can export your current grid and query by choosing the “Export as CSV” option at the bottom of the component. 

Contribution Views
Each of the Contributions Views display information about the donations you have received.

Contribution Views

The Transaction View will display information about each individual transaction made by a donor. If the donor has four campaigns in his cart all four of those campaigns will be listed in the details of a single transaction. You can view the details of a transaction by clicking the expand icon.

The Campaign View will display information about gifts given at the campaign level. For example if I gave to four campaigns each of my four gifts to those four separate campaigns would be listed in the grid. The Campaign View is especially helpful when you want to see all of the gifts given to a specific campaign over a period of time....

The Recurring View is similar to the Transaction View, except that it is specific to Recurring batches. For example if a donor schedules 3 campaigns to give to on a recurring basis you can see his cumulative gift for all three of those transactions in this view.

The Recurring Campaign View is similar to the Campaign View, except it is specific to recurring gifts given to a campaign.

Searching and Filtering Contributions
If at anytime you would like to filter through the data that is shown in any of the Contribution Views you can us the “Menu/Search” located on the left side of the Component. To open it click on the “Menu/Search”.

Search menu

Contributions Left Side Buttons

On the left side of the component you will find buttons that will display additional Contributions related settings and campaigns.

Contributions Sidebar

The Recurring Types button will display the Recurring Types section of Contributions. Recurring Types allow donors to choose the intervals for their recurring gifts. For example Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually.

The Categories button will display the Categories grid for Contributions. Each Contributions campaign is connected to a category. This category is assigned based on the content type that was used to create a campaign. Most installations will have two categories, missionaries and projects.

The Campaigns button will display all of the contributions campaigns. The campaigns are created automatically when you create a new content item that is associated with a contributions category.

The User Campaigns button will display all of the User Campaigns that have been created. Currently User Campaigns are only created when someone creates a new Advocacy fundraising campaign.

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