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Site Stacker is the Most Powerful Software Platform for Missionary Sending Agencies, Child Sponsorship Orgs and Christian Nonprofits. This Site will Help You Take Full Advantage of These Powerful Tools and Grow Your Ministry!
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Overview of Menus

Setting up Google reCAPTCHA Keys

Merge Duplicate CRM records

Allow Donors to Cover the Credit Card Processing Fee at Checkout

Adding Accounting Codes Manually in Advocacy Campaigns

Adding Campaigns

Adding A Minimum/Maximum Amount To A Campaign

Motion 2 Testing the Workflow

Add or Remove Columns in a View

Publishing by Related Content (Think "Recommended Videos" on Youtube)

VIDEO RESOURCE. This 8 minute video will give you the information you need to MAKE YOUR WEBSITE...

Site Planner Overview

Explore other things I can do with CRM records

Article Tagging

Historic Giving Overview

Adding Dynamic Content (Missionaries, Projects, Blogs, and More) to Your Site

How to Automate a Process from Start to Finish in a Motion 2 Workflow

Importing Users

Managing Groups and Admin Permissions

Use an HTML Mailto Link to Send Templated Email from Admins in the Dashboard

Importing Content

I want to manage a sponsor's communication to children.

How it Works - Fundraising Dashboards

Set a Unique Email Sender for Each Workflow

Editing Robots.txt

Web site owners use the /robots.txt file to give instructions about their site to web robots;...

Importing Data Groups

Editing a Person

Importing Historic Giving

Adding and Editing Relationship Types

Working with URLs in Site Planner

Accessing Filter Options

Creating Tags

How to Change a Reference

Using Mailchimp with Your SiteStacker Installation

CRM Relationships

How to Add New CRM Record Types to a Workflow

Adding Entity Groups, Entities and Fields

Export donor and contact records from CRM

CRM Component Overview

Creating a RSS Feed

Creating Saved Views of Filters

Turning on Google reCaptcha in the Checkout page

Resend a Contributions Receipt

Managing Default & Assigned Content

Site Planner Modules and Components Needed for a Motion 2 Workflow

Modifying the Grid

Add a New Recurring Interval

Using ‘Positions’, ‘Views’, and ‘View Classes’

Sites vs. Site Channels

Learn more about Sites and Site Channels, and when you should create a new Site or a new Site...

Difference between Summary and Body text in an Article

I want to manage children who are sponsored or unavailable for sponsorship.

Viewing CRM Profiles in the Dashboard

Visual guide to Missionary data

Adding Variables for Repeatable (Multiple) Field Sets

Motion 2 Editing Form Fields

Add a single Cash or Check offline gift into the system

Visual guide to Project data import

Manage user logins and reset passwords

Setting Up the Google Search Module

Basic CRM Fields and Custom CRM Entities

I want to manage children that do not have sponsors yet.

Weighted Related Content Module

I want to manage child sponsors.

Adding or Editing a Missions Opportunity in Site Planner

Importing Tags & Tagging Content

How Offline Recurring (Pledges) Works in SiteStacker

Structuring Your Site with Wrappers

Giving your Article a Title and a Name

Find and update expiring credit cards

Add or Edit a CRM Record External ID

Add an Offline Gift

View and email reports on giving information

How to Create Pages in Site Planner

Using Anchor Tags for Linking to Page Sections

Giving again to the same Campaign

Creating a New Site from Scratch

Previewing Pages in Site Stacker

Print Templates

Edit automated system emails such as donation receipts

Creating a Static Page

Add, edit or delete a CRM record

Child Sponsorship Data Import Outline

Removing Test Users with Motion 2 Data

Add a new CC or ACH funded gift

Refund a Credit Card or ACH gift

Uploading & Linking to a PDF

I want to add a new child into the system.

Adding and Editing Items in Configuration

Filter, view and export giving transactions and designations

Manage newsletter lists and subscriptions

Managing Instances & Impersonating Users in Motion 2

Adding A Default Value In A Folder In Content Explorer

Using Variables in Motion 2 Notifications to Display the Latest Entry to a Repeatable CRM Entity

How to Configure a New Workflow in Motion 2

Motion 2 Triggers Infographic

Configuring Custom PDF Exports

View or manage giving information for a CRM record

Year to Date Statement (Print Templates Component)

What is the Settings Component?

Motion 2 Dependencies

Deleting a Menu Item

Add or edit a recurring donation on behalf of a donor

Use filters to create donor lists I can use for fundraising

Spark Overview

Motion 2 Overview - Workflows, Roles, Landmarks, Tasks, and Triggers

Change Log Overview

Configuring the Google Maps API

Reference Requests in Motion 2

Using Visibility Conditions

How To Redirect a URL

Assigning CRM records to User Groups

Managing Users in SiteStacker

Adding the Google Analytics to your site

Implementing SEO on Your Website

How to Build a Simple Contact Form

Adding/Deleting a Person

Setting The Facebook Share for Articles/Blogs

How to force a Content Type to forced recurring

Creating a Menu Item that Links to a Custom URL that you Provide

Changing the Wordings in Advocacy Pages

Household Data Structure Diagram

View and manage a donor's full details

Configuring the SiteStacker Search Module

Configuring Your Checkout Page Layout

Understanding System Messages

Using the Group Progress Module

Editing CRM Entities

Adding New Columns and Filters to Dashboard Pages

Manage Peer-to-Peer Giving (Advocacy)

Edit the designation in an existing gift

How To Setup & Use Contribution Source Codes

Configuring Your SendGrid Account to Capture Inbound Emails

How To Publish A Photo Album (For SS Base Template Users)

System Manager Overview

Add a batch of Cash or Check offline gifts into the system

Importing CRM Records

Managing Fundraising

Editing Groups

How it Works - Managing Gifts and Donors

Manage donors who give in a variety of ways

Reverse an offline gift entry

How it Works - Content Publishing Overview

Adding/Editing New Payment Method

Publishing a Content Item

Publishing an Article to a Page in a Summary View

Contributions Overview

Adding Images to System Messages or Automated Notifications

Add an Up-Sell to the Checkout Page

Motion 2 Editing Basic Task Information

I Want To...

Manage Content on My Website

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Manage Gifts and Donors

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Take Fundraising to the Next Level

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Get Help With Automated Workflows (Motion 2)

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Manage Child Sponsorship

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Manage Missionary Dashboards

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Do a Data Migration

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Basic Admin and Dashboard Tutorials

Want a quick crash course on the basics? Start here. We'll cover topics like managing giving campaigns, CRM records, giving data, fundraising efforts, child sponsorship and more.
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Questions and Answers

On this page you will find some of the most typical questions and answers about how to take full advantage of the Site Stacker tools. Be sure to check back as we will update this page often.

Online Giving Overview

This video provides a 9 minute refresher on ways Site Stacker Online Giving can help your ministry grow.